Young woman makes coffee working as a barista. 

Enhanced Services

If you are assigned to the Enhanced Services group, here's what’s in store for you:

1.      Complete the Positive Personal Profile so we can get to know you.  Meet and tell us what kind of work you like, where you feel most comfortable, and what you imagine for your future, so we can help you find a job you really like.

2.      Apply for Pre-Employment Transition Services with Maryland’s Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS). You and your parent/guardian will meet with the DORS representative to open your case.

3.      Work with your personal employment specialist to prepare for and find jobs you like. The employment specialist is your own coach who will help you develop your resume, practice interviewing, visit possible employers, and learn on the job—at no cost to you!  

4.     Complete three work-based learning experiences, at least one of them paid by the employer.    

5.      Receive a $50 gift card once you complete a short follow-up survey about six months after graduation.  Also, you will complete an evaluation form at the end of each work experience so we can make sure you are making progress. 

This program is customized to fit you. You can work after school, on the weekends, and during school breaks (both winter and summer.) You might even get hired and stay in your job! In any case, you will learn about yourself, your career, and the world.