Kelli Crane

Kelli Crane, Ph.D.
Project Director

Kelli brings experience working on other rigorous research projects that study the impact of work-based learning experiences on future work and earnings for transition-aged youth. She served as the Co-Principal Investigator of Maryland PROMISE and led the technical assistance associated with the Youth Transition Demonstration (YTD) national evaluation.

Lynn Cook, MHS
Recruitment Specialist

Lynn  is a communication professional and adjunct faculty member at UMD whose interests include health, education, youth, and families. She has two grown children who attended Montgomery County public schools and was formerly a recruiter for the UMD School of Public Health. 

Lynn Cook

Ellen Fabian

Ellen Fabian, Ph.D.
Co-Principal Investigator

Ellen is a professor in the College of Education at UMD whose interests include improving career and vocational services for adults and youth with disabilities. She oversees this study, including the research activities.


Amy D’Agati, MS
Technical Assistance Specialist

Amy has worked for years assisting youth with disabilities and businesses in developing career matches, and has trained school personnel and employment specialists across the country in customized employment and job placement strategies. She enjoys working with a young workforce and connecting them with businesses who need their talent! She has a younger brother with disabilities who has taught her a lot, and is happy in his career of the past 10 years.

Amy D'Agati

Natasha Mitchell

Natasha Mitchell, Ph.D., NCC
Technical Assistance Specialist

Natasha is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the School Counseling program at UMD. She earned a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and a Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. She has served as a Chief Executive Officer for Student Services for PGCPS and a school counselor in AACPS. Natasha is committed to students having meaningful access to services and opportunities that lead to their success.


 Meredith Gramlich, MA                                                                                Technical Assistance Specialist

Meredith is a Technical Assistance Specialist on the Way2Work Maryland Project. She has a master’s degree in Transition Special Education with emphasis on Secondary and Vocational Programming and Business-Education Partnerships from George Washington University and has worked in the transition field for almost 30 years. Prior to joining Way2Work Maryland, Meredith was the Lead Training and Technical Assistance Specialist for Maryland PROMISE, Senior Research Associate with TransCen, Inc. and was a teacher in the Alternative Programs in Montgomery County Public Schools, Montgomery County, MD where she developed the Career Program. Ms. Gramlich is a trainer for the Employment Services Certificate endorsed by the Association for Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE). She has authored or co-authored articles and educational materials on business–education partnerships, customized work, and workplace mentoring. Ms. Gramlich began her career promoting creative strategies for independence with her sister.

Meredith Smiling

Taylor Morris

Taylor Morris, MA
Graduate Assistant

Taylor is a PhD candidate at the University of Maryland in the Counseling Psychology program. He has experience tutoring student athletes at the Academic Support and Career Development Unit (ASCDU) and mentoring students in the Peer Assisted Learning Program (PAL).  His research specialty is in career development.